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Here are a just a few of the very kind words some of our clients have shared with us.

My back feels GREAT!  I mean pain-free.  The first time in 5 months.  I know I know I won't expect it to last, but man do you work wonders!

A few years ago I was diagnosed with severe tension headaches.  They were debilitating and were affecting my work and family life.  I went to many doctors to include neurologists and chiropractors.  Nothing helped.  A friend suggested I see a cranial sacral massage therapist and that is how I came to Menaka. 

I admit I was skeptical at first, but Menaka changed my life.  During our first consultation she told me that if I didn't see improvement within three visits, then cranial sacral probably wasn't my answer.  It was refreshing to find a professional who didn't try to rope me into a lifetime contract!  I thought I would give it the three visits and then take my headache problem to yet another doctor. 

After one visit with Menaka, I felt markedly improved.  After two visits the headaches were gone.  Completely gone.  What MRI's and drugs couldn't fix Menaka did! 

I was relieved and, I will admit, shocked.  At first a skeptic, I am now a believer. 

That's why when my eight-month old suffered from constant ear infections and the pediatricians suggested tubes, I took him to Menaka.  After three visits with Menaka and some techniques she showed me how to do at home, he has been ear infection free for eight months -- saving him from pain and a surgery and me lots of bills in doctor's visits! 

Menaka's expertise and compassion are a truly a gift to her clients.  I don't think I can thank her enough for all she has done.
    --- SRC

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